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Our Story

Living Colour is a collection of all things the Wood Family love; travel, sport, food, wine, nature, and family. Long-time residents of Darling and strong ambassadors to the quaint village, we have travelled extensively through Africa, and along our journeys had 2 beautiful daughters and over time have sought out destinations that offer something for everyone in our family to enjoy. Living Colour is the result of these experiences, bringing together many of the destinations’ offerings that we have enjoyed. We are not newcomers to starting and building businesses in Darling and are enjoying creating another destination on the map to experience local cuisine, mountain biking and the best family activities Darling has to offer.

Living Colour opened its doors on the 1 st of December 2021 and we have enjoyed the journey thus far of engaging with our visitors and ensuring all those that visit us feel the Darling hospitality. We have watched our indigenous garden transform with our first spring and are enjoying growing into the potential of this truly beautiful venue.

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